There are a variety of supplies and expenses that may incur during the school year.

PELOGO1-300x175School Supplies

Most classes require a binder, paper and writing instrucments.  Mathematics and Science classes may require calculators and measuring tools, depending on the grade and on the individual teacher.


In some elective courses, especially those that involve project activities, students may be expected to pay for materials used for projects they keep.

PE Strip

Brookswood Secondary utilizes a PE Uniform for grades 8-10.  This uniform will be available for purchase at the beginning of the year from the PE Department for $25.00.

Locks and Lockers

Students are assigned a locker on the first day of school.  It is their responsibility to keep the locker free of any writing or damage.  Students are not permitted to move to another locker or to exchange or share lockers with other students.  Lockers must be secured with a combination lock.  Because of varying quality of locks, it is mandatory that students purchase the high quality locks provided through the school. In order to provide security for personal belongings, students are advised not to give anyone their lock combination.  Locks cost $8.00.

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