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BSS Student Handbook

Brookswood Secondary strongly believes in a positive school culture; therefore, it is important that each and every student understand what is expected of them during their time as a student.  The Student Handbook offers information on school organization, general information, student responsibilities, student services, student awards, and other pertinent information.

The “Do” List of Brookswood (as written by a graduate)


  • Do combat the forces of boredom (i.e. get involved!)
  • Do use the garbage cans! (And no, the ground is not a garbage can–no matter how hard it tries to deceive you.)
  • Do have respect for the school, for others and for yourself (and remember teachers are people too.)
  • Do get fully dressed in the morning (despite popular myth, no one wants to see your underwear.)
  • Do refrain from smoking on school grounds, no matter how much you want to get lung cancer.
  • Do attend school. It’s actually a legal requirement–not even joking.
  • Do remember it’s high school, not grade one. This is the big leagues now.
  • Do be kind.
  • Do try. It makes your time here a heck of a lot easier.

– Aubrie, Zoé, Kristen, Mackenzie (Brookswood Graduates 2005)

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