Grad Transitions

Welcome to Grad Transitions at Brookswood Secondary!

Grad Transitions is a mandatory course for students in Grade 12 at Brookswood Secondary as part of our graduation requirements.  This course are completed outside the timetable, and all assignments are expected to be completed in order for a student to graduate.  Administration holds the right to deny student entry into special events (such as Grad Cruise) if they have any outstanding Grad Transition assignments.

2018-2019 Graduation Transitions will be completed with your assigned teacher.

Complete Package:Graduation Transitions 2018:19

Grad Transitions #1: 

  1. Sign in, or Sign up for My Blueprint

Grad Transitions #2: 

  1. MyBlueprint (88% completion) See package for details.

Grad Transitions #3: 

  1. Proof of 200 Hours of Physical Activity & Reflection
  2. Proof of 30 Volunteer or Work Experience Hours & Reflection
  3. Letter of Reference

Ways to submit your volunteer or work experience hours:

  1. Signed letter explaining your volunteer hours, and when/how you earned them
  2. Pay stub(s) showing more than 30 hours

Ways to submit your physical activity hours:

  1. Use the activity log
  2. Show your transcripts showing PE 11/12
  3. Bring in a signed letter from a coach/parent/teacher (Proof Letter)

And don’t forget, as for your LETTER OF REFERENCE sooner rather than later!

Grad Transitions #4/#5

You will sign up for an interview in Spring 2019.

GT 12 Presentation Criteria & Questions

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