Regular school attendance is a major factor contributing to student success.  It is, as well, a legal requirement.  Consequently, close monitoring of student attendance is a feature of this school.

  1. Attendance is taken in all classes by the teacher. Students are expected to be in every class on time. If your student will be absent, please contact the school at your earliest convenience.
  2. Students who need to leave school during the school day must present a note to the office before they attend the first class of the day or parents must contact the office. A parent or guardian must sign out students before leaving the school.
  3. If during the school day a student becomes ill, they should report to the counseling office.
  4. If a student fails to return after lunch, the student is truant unless there is a telephone call or note from the parent.
  5. Every student shall, on the request of a teacher or vice-principal, present a written excuse from his/her parent or guardian for absence or tardiness.
  6. All students taking physical education classes are expected to wear proper attire. They are also expected to participate in all activities unless they have a written medical excuse.
  7. If you wish to check your student’s attendance at any time, please contact the school.


Our goal is to encourage students to be in class and ready to learn when the bell rings for school in the morning, after lunch, as well as for each class period.   However, lates do occur and we expect students to be aware of their responsibilities.  If a student is late

  1. For first period without an excuse from a parent, he or she reports directly to class. The teacher will provide an appropriate consequence.
  2. For first or fourth period and has been excused by a parent, he or she reports to the office before going to class.
  3. He or she should wait at the classroom door until admitted at an appropriate break in the lesson.

Students who are late disrupt the instruction process in the classroom.  If a student is late too often, the school must respond with progressive discipline.

  1. Initially, students will serve in-class detention(s) in the classroom.
  2. Habitual lates (after five) will be referred to the administrators. Students will make up missed time with lunch and afterschool detentions.
  3. If lates continue, phone calls home and increasing consequences, will ultimately lead to in-school and out-of-school suspension.

Because lates are unacceptable and disruptive, the school will regularly monitor lates.


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