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Courses we offer:

Planning 10 (PLAN 10)
Graduation Program – Students will identify and plan for meeting the requirements of the Graduation Program as well as being introduced to two significant components of the Graduation Program
Education and Careers – Students will be encouraged to explore a wide variety of career and education options, to think about their prospects for success in those career5s and to create a plan to pursue their chose postsecondary education goals and career paths. Health – Students will learn the decision making skills required for taking increasing responsibility for
developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Finances – Students will learn the foundations of basic personal financial management that will equip students with the necessary tools to make the transition to financial independence beyond high school.

Leadership Development 11 (BAA Course) (YLEDV 11)
Open to Grade 10, 11 and 12 students/not offered every year
This course provides an exciting opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills in a practical setting. Event planning for school activities teaches skills in public speaking, goal setting, organization, time management, communication, and evaluation techniques in a highly collaborative and dynamic environment. Students will complete a comprehensive portfolio reflecting their leadership skills and accomplishments. Opportunities exist for students to attend leadership conferences, assist in student government and be a positive influence on the school’s climate.
Note: Leadership students are required to perform volunteer service hours.

Leadership Development 12 (BAA Course) (YLEAD 12)
This course offers students who have already taken Leadership 11 to further develop their leadership skills. Students will become mentors for Leadership 11 students as they assume important roles and responsibilities in the organization and planning of the course and activities.

Special Education Support (BAA Course) (YSES 12)
This course offers applicants the opportunity to assist students in the Low Incidence Program with school related work and with their interpersonal skills. This course has been effective in teaching students about sensitivity to and understanding of human differences while promoting a healthy learning environment in our school. In addition, it offers an opportunity to those who may desire to pursue studies in Social Work, teaching in areas of Special Needs, Early Childhood Education or the Teaching Assistant Program.

Psychology 12/Human Services 12A (HS 12A)
This course is an introductory survey course in psychology. Psychology 12 will introduce students to the fundamentals of human behaviour. Units of study may include: sensation and perception, motivation and emotion, learning and memory, abnormal psychology, and childhood and adolescent development. A wide range of learning activities are utilized including case studies, psychoanalysis, cooperative learning, research projects and critical thinking.

Social Justice 12 (SJ 12)
The aim of Social Justice 12 is to raise students’ awareness of social injustice, to encourage them to analyze situations from a social justice perspective, and to provide them with the knowledge, skills, and an ethical framework to advocate for a socially just world.

Peer Mentoring 11 (BAA Course) (YPM 11)
This course is for very responsible students who model exceptional student behavior and are interested in the opportunity to tutor students while developing their own interpersonal skills. After a six-week orientation/training session where students will learn about teaching, methodology, learning styles and factors in effective learning, students will be placed in an appropriate mentoring position. Students will be involved in the tutoring of individual students or groups and meet regularly for peer mentoring classes. Students are graded by their sponsor teacher (60%), and on weekly journals (40%). Diverse placements are available to the peer mentors. Students considering this course need to have a proven record of reliability and good work habits, as well as a desire to help others. A strength in at least two subject areas is also desirable.

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