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The Language Department at Brookswood Secondary now offers four programs: French as a Second Language; French Immersion; German and Spanish. Students planning post secondary university training should be aware that French 11 or another Grade 11 language equivalent is an entrance requirement at many Canadian universities. Students planning to apply for entrance to the Arts Program at UBC must have a Grade 12 Language Equivalent or they may be required to take a first year university language course.

French as a Second Language
French continues to be one of the world’s most important languages for business, travel and diplomacy. As Canadians, we recognize French as part of our heritage and as one of our two official languages. French is spoken on every continent, in over 56 countries and regions in the world including Indochina, North Africa and central Europe and even South America.

Courses we offer:

French 9 (FR 9)
The expectations of French 9 are much greater than those of French 8. Students will be enriching their
vocabulary, as they did before, but now the emphasis will be on expressing their thoughts in simple concise sentences. Daily revision of grammatical concepts and vocabulary is essential for mastery to occur. Audiovisual resources and short literary works will help the students increase their vocabulary as well as their comprehension of and appreciation for different French-speaking groups throughout the world. Recognition of some vocabulary in newspapers or magazines should also occur. At the end of the year, students should be capable of responding to/asking simple questions in French. Finally, they will write and perform their own skits related to themes studied and discuss aspects of the French culture.

French 10 (FR 10)
In French 10 students extend their communicative skills in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. They will work with a variety of authentic documents including magazine articles, advertisements, stories and poems. Oral skills will be developed through oral questions and dialogues which focus on real=-life situations. Songs, audio-cassette exercises and video are also used to develop listening skills.

French 11 (FR 11)
This course will provide students with a solid grammatical base, a chance to increase their vocabulary and to make oral presentations. Students will continue to practice all four language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) in order to achieve linguistic competence. They will also maintain their appreciation of francophone culture through readings, vocabulary themes, films, skits and field trips.

French 12 (FR 12)
French 12 is an intensive elective course where French is spoken increasingly in class except during grammatical explanations. The emphasis is placed on advancement and refinement of speaking skills for communication, listening skills for comprehension and writing skills for essay writing. Short excerpts from literary works will offer a variety of themes: cultural, social and philosophical. The students will continue to build their vocabulary in the context of real-life situations. Success in this course depends partly on the student’s commitment to taking every opportunity to acquire and practice the French language. Participation and involvement in classroom activities will enhance the learning experience.

French Immersion
Note: In order for students to receive the dual English/French Dogwood Diploma, students are
Required to complete the following French Immersion courses during their grades 10, 11
and 12 years: Fral 10, ScH 10, Planf 10, Fral 11, YFL 11 and Fral 12.  Also, students must
write the provincial exam component of Fral 12.

Courses we offer:

Français 9 Immersion (FRAL 9)
Correct oral and written expression are emphasized in this course. Review of basic and introduction of more advanced language structures, grammatical concepts and vocabulary are presented within thematic units, such as Sports and Leisure, Fashion and Travel. Students are required to speak French at all times in class.

Français 9 Immersion (FRAC 9)
In order to develop skills in listening, reading and analyzing various forms of expression, there will be a thorough study of La tête d’un home. Students will also do a study of French poetry through the reading and analysis of a variety of poems. As well as in-class novel study, students will individually read one novel per term. Video projects, oral presentations and cooperative learning assignments provide interest, and account for a large percentage of each term mark.

Planification 10 (PLANF 10)
This course follows the Planning 10 curriculum but is taught entirely in French. Please see page 61 for a course description for Planning 10.

Français 10 Immersion (FRAL 10)
This course places further emphasis upon the four skills of language learning. In addition, students are exposed to the literature component through the study of short stories, novels, drama and poetry.

Français 11 Langue (FRAL 11)
In this course, emphasis is placed on using French correctly in both oral and written contexts. Grammatical concepts and sentence structure are  reviewed and reinforced. Vocabulary is enriched through thematic study. Students write descriptive and narrative texts as well as essays.  Their spoken French is evaluated through oral presentations and skits.  They are required to speak only French at all times  in class and this is strictly enforced.

French Literature 11 (YFL 11)

This very intensive course, taught entirely in French, is a survey of French literature from the 18th century to the present. As well, it deals with some contemporary French Canadian literature. Many of the works taught are currently being taught at the university level. The course is divided into three units: the short story, the play, and the novel. Students will be required to read, analyze, and discuss the works studied, as well as write tests and analytical essays.

Works of authors such as Guy de Maupassant, Roch Carrier, Boris Vian, Marcel Dubé, Michele Marineau, Victor Hugo, Arthur Rimbaud, and Paul Verlaine will be studied. Regular home readings are essential for success in this course. Students are required to speak French at all times in class. This is essential for progress and will be strictly enforced. There will also be class discussions and debates based on the literature studied.

Français 12 Immersion (FRAL 12)
FRAL 12 is the final course for students enrolled in the French Immersion program. Students will be able to refine their language skills.  Grammatical concepts learned previously are practised and polished and students’ vocabulary continues to develop and increase.  There is a literature component to the course.  Students apply higher level thinking skills through the study of poetry and a novel, such as Albert Camus’ L’Etranger or Marie-Claire Blais’ La Belle Bete.

Speaking French at all times is especially significant this year: it will help improve fluency and prepare students for the Provincial Oral Examination at the end of the school year. The  Provincial Examination (oral in May and written in June) will account for 40 percent of students’ final mark. Successful completion of FRAL 12 will earn students their bilingual Dogwood Diploma.
Provincial examination is compulsory if students wish to receive the English/French Dogwood Diploma. Provincial exam is worth 40 percent of final course standing; school mark is worth 60 percent.

Did you know that…..
German is a key business language in the European Union and in the rapidly growing markets of central Eastern Europe? German is an official language in seven European countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland,
Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Belgium and Italy? German is also a native language of a significant portion of the population in France, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Russia? German is used as a business and scientific language in parts of Asia as well? 68% of Japanese students study German? Over 20 million people in the world are currently learning German as a foreign language?  If you want to do well in school, travel, find a good job, score well on college entrance exams or learn about the world, German helps! Accept the challenge and the fun. Be pleasantly surprised how closely related to English German vocabulary and sounds are.

Courses we offer:

Beginning German 11 (BGE 11)
Prerequisite: none, but knowledge of a second language is beneficial
Required: German-English Dictionary
Are you macho? Would you like to assert yourself? Would you like to speak a language closely related to English? How about celebrating “Oktoberfest”, “Advent” or “Ostern”? If so, then German is for you! Speaking and listening are emphasized in this beginning course, but some reading and writing will also be done.
Topics covered include:
• conversations/performance about: family, hobbies, transportation, travel, shopping, school and food.
• projects: web page about self; for example, hobby collage, game for Oktoberfest, travel brochure, lesson about famous German CD cover
• daily quizzes
• final interview, written biography and multiple choice grammar exam

German 11 (GE 11)
Required: German-English Dictionary
This course is highly communicative and much more demanding than the previous one. The goal is to use little English and much German, a language spoken by many Europeans. A good knowledge of English grammar is advised and a C+ average should have been achieved in Beginning German. Students will learn to express themselves in a more sophisticated manner. Idioms, proverbs and nuances of the language will be introduced. Short literary pieces will be read. Listening and speaking will still be developed, but the written expression in past, present and future tenses will be covered.
Topics of study:
• education
• employment
• housing
• travel
• clothing
• food
• World War II to current day
Examples of projects: storybook, CD covers, lesson on area in Germany, fashion design and show, cookbook and demo, model of future town/school, letter to Holocaust victimage

Spanish is a major international language, spoken on five continents and widely used for travel, business and diplomacy. It is the unofficial second language of the United States, and the second most important language used in the Western Hemisphere. Spanish is becoming increasingly important in the working lives of Canadian as our trade relations with Latin America expand. Our four year program teaches students the basic skills necessary for travel and business communication, and offers the language credits necessary for entry to university. Travel opportunities and cultural exchanges are also provided.

Courses we offer:

Spanish 9 (SP 9)
Required: English-Spanish Dictionary
Spanish 9 is an entry-level course available to students in grade 9 through 12. The course provides an
introduction to basic conversational Spanish, and is organized around themes related to high school, travel social life and family situations. The program offers a communicative approach to language learning, and course work consists of speaking and aural comprehension activities in pairs and small groups. Reading and writing activities are used for support and reinforcement.

Spanish 10 (SP 10)
Required: English-Spanish Dictionary
Spanish 10 builds on the basic skills acquired in Beginner’s Spanish, presenting more detailed vocabulary, idiomatic expressions and verb tenses. The communicative approach is maintained, as is the travelogue around the Hispanic world. The curriculum is organized around practical communication situations in everyday life. Classwork includes participation in audio-visual activities, dialogues, scenarios and creative group and individual projects.

Spanish 11 (SP11)
Prerequisite: SP 10
Required: English-Spanish Dictionary
Spanish 11 continues to build on the communication skills and vocabulary development from previous years. Students will develop fluency expressing themselves in the past, present and future in a wide variety of communication situations. Thematically, our focus will be on sports, health and fitness, home life, travel and Spanish food. Our ongoing travelogue will take us to Mexico, Florida, Spain and Venezuela.

Spanish 12 (SP 12)
Required: English-Spanish Dictionary
Spanish 12 is the final phase of a four year program. The course is exceptionally rich in folkloric and cultural information about the Hispanic world. The communicative approach rooted in practical situations is maintained, and special emphasis is placed on oral expression in creative situations. Course content will include sophisticated grammar, compound and complex verb tenses, nuances of vocabulary, and as many creative literary, dramatic, musical and video works as possible. By the end of this course you should be able to converse with Hispanics on general topics, read a Spanish newspaper, understand most of the news on television or the radio, and be the tour guide on a Mexican holiday.

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