English Department

English forms the cornerstone of humanities study. Work in the classrooms focuses upon the examination of the very human ideas and values which define humanities pursuits. Students will be constantly expanding their knowledge, their skills, and their attitudes in all multi-genre or thematic courses.

Courses we offer:

English 9 (EN 9)
This course expands upon the fundamentals introduced at the grade 8 level. The approach taken in grade 9 level will be more formal. Sentence combining techniques and correction of common sentence faults will be emphasized, as will the continued development of an awareness of literary terminology. Students will continue to work toward the preparation of three-part discussion papers.

English 10 (EN 10)
This course also includes literature, language, and composition. Students will improve their abilities to
perceive, describe and evaluate ideas and themes in a variety of literary works. They will continue to develop composition skills, particularly multi-paragraph discussion papers. A full-length Shakespeare play will be part of the course work.
Provincial examination is mandatory.

English 11 (EN 11)
• Short Stories
• Extended Short Story/novel/short hovel (e.g. The Old Man and the Sea)
• Shakespearean Drama Play (full length)
• Poetry
• Essay Writing (persuasive, narrative, expository)
• Literature Analysis
This course is for students intending to pursue academic post-secondary schooling. The curriculum is rigorous.

English 12 (EN 12)
Prose-reading comprehension, analysis of text and interpretation of text for the following:
• Short Stories
• Novellas
• Novels
• Shakespeare
• Contemporary Plays
• Ministry Mandated Literary Terms
• Reading Comprehension and Analysis
Informational Text
• Newspaper, Magazine, Web
Essay Writing
• Persuasive
• Literary Analysis
• Synthesis
• Narrative
Post-Secondary Prep Work
Mandatory Provincial exam is worth 40 percent; school grade is worth 60 percent.

English 12 First Peoples (EFP 12)
English 12 First Peoples provides opportunities for all students to: engage with indigenous creative expression and to enter the worlds of First Peoples provincially, nationally, and internationally. The course focuses on the experiences, values, beliefs, and lived realities of First Peoples as evidenced in various forms of text – including oral story, speech, poetry, dramatic work, dance, song, film, and prose (non-fiction and fiction). English 12 First Peoples is the academic equivalent of English 12. Students will develop the English language and literacy skills and capacities they must have in order to meet British Columbia’s graduation requirements.
Provincial examination is mandatory.

Communications 11 and Communications 12 are recognized for graduation; however, the courses are not recognized for entry to some post-secondary institutions. The Communications strand is most appropriate for students planning direct entry to the workplace or to post-secondary training programs. Decisions to move from English 10 to Communications 11 and 12 should be made only after consultation with parents, counsellors, and particularly teachers of English.

Communications 11 (COM 11)
• Short Stories
• Guided Novel Study or Independent Novel Study
• Visual Design (creating visual representation from text)
• Poetry
• Letter Writing and Resume Writing
• Media Unit (Film)
• Paragraph Writing (persuasive and narrative)
• Reading Comprehension is actively taught

Communications 12 (COM 12)
The Communications curriculum varies greatly from the English 12 curriculum.
Short Stories
• Reading Comprehension
Short Guided Novel
• ReadingComprehension of the Questions
Personal Essay
• Narrative and Expository (approximately 300 words)
• Poetic Devices
• Comprehension
• Short Articles
• Reading Comprehension
• Position paper creating and supporting arguments using information from text
Visual Design
• Creating a visual representation using clues from the text
Business Letters
Mandatory Provincial exam is worth 40 percent; school grade is worth 60 percent.

English Literature 12 (LIT 12)
English Literature 12 is a survey course which traces the development of literature from classical times to the late twentieth century. It includes a study of social and historical background, as well as of the major authors of each literary period. Students will develop critical skills in understanding and evaluating literature. This course is particularly valuable for students planning a career in university humanities or Fine Arts courses.
Note that English Literature 12 is taken in conjunction with English 12. It does not replace English 12.

Advanced Placement English 12 (APELC 12)
An AP course in English Literature and Composition engages students in the careful reading and critical analysis of imaginative literature. Through the close reading of selected literary works of merit, students will deepen their understanding of the ways writers use language to provide both meaning and pleasure for their readers. Writing assignments will focus on the critical analysis of literature and include expository, analytical and argumentative essays. Writing instruction will focus upon developing and organizing ideas in clear, coherent and persuasive language. It will include the elements of style.

Due to the academic demands of this course, preference will be given to those students also enrolled in English Literature. Writing 12 is also a recommended co-requisite. Upon the successful completion of this course, students will be eligible to write the AP Literature and/or AP Language exams. Successful achievement (scoring a 4 or 5 out of 5) on these exams may result in advanced credit for an English course and/or English elective course at local colleges or universities.

Writing 11 (BAA Course)
Writing 11 is an elective course for students who enjoy creative writing as it will help them to explore this interest and develop their ability. This course will focus on the composition of original works including short stories, poems, screenplays and personal pieces. Students will learn techniques for improving their writing and creating effective works. Students will also be encouraged to explore many different writing styles in order to discover their own personal identity as a writer. This course is valuable to those considering a career in freelance writing, journalism, editing or communications. While this course is not a prerequisite for Writing 12, it serves as an introduction to the skills that will be further developed in that course.

Writing 12 (WR 12)
Writing 12 is an elective course designed for students who have an interest in and a flair for creative writing. Students are encouraged to extend their writing skills and language experiences beyond those developed in the required English courses through the production of effective, original works. This course will focus on the composition of short fiction pieces that encompass many different genres as well as the composition of poetry, screenplays, journalistic pieces, personal pieces and formulaic writing. Students will be encouraged to explore different writing styles in order to discover their own personal identity as a writer. This course is also useful to those considering a career in freelance writing, journalism, editing or communications.

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