BackStreet Studios

Backstreet Studios, originally an empty shop, when Ms. Dawne Tomlinson’s Principal asked if she could turn the space into a television studio. After a proposal to the school board was accepted and a partnership with Rogers Community was established the studio was on its way. A major barrier was the lack of sufficient funds. After a tedious amount of work Tomlinson found a Youth Internship Grant from human Resources Development Canada and was able to set the ball in motion. Slowly the studio was formed and soon Brookswood had a well rounded program that included six courses in video, television and film production. The original courses offered were Video production 9/10, Television Production 11 and 12, Film 12, Media performance (acting for screen/ broadcast journalism), Computers and Television (editing, special effects, and animation) and Television Technical Assistance (in which students learned to run a studio and develop leadership skills).

Today Backstreet Studios has flourished with as many as nine blocks of film and television. Although backstreet has altered over the years and moved away from traditional television, it still offers students with a vast amount of knowledge about the film industry and students continue to be successful in local and provincial festivals. As early as grade nine students are writing their own scripts and producing short films. By grade 12 students have studied film through the ages, investigated directing styles, watched legendary films and continue to create new original pieces over a large variety of genres.

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