Parent Conferences

The second semester parent-teacher conferences will take place:

  • Wednesday, October 19th from 2:25 pm – 4:30 pm and from 5:15 – 7:30 pm
  • Thursday, October 20th  from 2 pm – 4:30 pm

There are a variety of interview formats available to parents including in-person and virtual options. Parents can book their conferences using our online system which allows you to select your appointments to suit your schedule.  It will also allow you to coordinate meeting times if you have more than one child.  This program is simple and easy to use.

Parents can book conferences online now at  Booking closes at on Monday, October 17th   11:59 pm

Parent Registration

Please go to, click on the “Register” tab and fill in the registration form to create an account. Once you have successfully registered, you can login to the system using your new user ID and password. You must register each of your children with the “add a student” button. Please note that even if you registered for appointments in previous years, you must re-register for the October 2022 session.

To Book Appointments

Selecting Teachers
You can schedule appointments for any student you have added to the system by clicking on the “Book Appointments” icon to the right of the student’s name. You are then taken to a page where you can select the teachers with whom you wish to meet. Multiple teachers can be selected by using the “Ctrl” key on a PC keyboard or the “Command” key on a Mac keyboard. You will also choose your meeting- type option here.

Teacher Appointment Calendars
You will be shown the calendars of the selected teachers. It shows appointment times that are available for booking. You may select appointment times by simply clicking the check boxes or by clicking in the time block beside the check box. Once an appointment time has been selected it will change to green. It is not possible for you to select more than one appointment at the same time or to select more than one appointment with the same teacher.

Parents with More Than One Student
If you have more than one student at the school, the teacher appointment calendars will have an additional feature displayed when the second (or third, etc.) student bookings are made. If a sibling has an appointment booked, the student’s name will be displayed for you, thus making it easier to book adjacent appointments.

Appointments Booked Successfully

Once the appointments are booked the screen will display the list of appointments for the student. If you click on the “Return to Home Page” button, you will return to the home page with your students and appointments listed. You can book additional appointments or book appointments for another student.

Printing Parent Appointment Schedule
From the home page it is possible for you to generate a PDF document with the list of your appointments. By clicking on the “Print Appointments” button a window will pop-up asking you what you wish to do with the document. Google Chrome is the preferred browser to use. In Internet Explorer, it is recommended that you click the “Save” button, save the file and then click “Open” to view the file.

Click “Open” after the download is complete to view the PDF.

Parent Schedule PDF
The generated PDF will list the appointment times, the student and the teacher with whom the appointment is booked.

If you are having your meeting on Teams, your teacher will email with the meeting link prior to October 19th and 20th. You can use your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop for the meeting. If you are using a phone or tablet, you will need to download the app. On the day of the virtual interview, you will use the link that was embedded into the original email that reads “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting”. You will then be placed into a Microsoft Teams virtual lobby where you will wait to be admitted to the PTI meeting by your child’s teacher.

Note:  If you are having difficulties, you can to call the school at 604-530-2141 for assistance.


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