Important Information on 2020 AP Exams

Posted: April 9, 2020

AP Exams are still scheduled to run this year, but with classes no longer meeting at school, The AP College Board has made adjustments that will hopefully work for the majority of students.

Exams will be taken online, from May 11-22, and each subject’s exam will be taken on the same day at the same time, worldwide. To find your exam day and time, click on this link:

This link will also explain further down the page what units will be tested. The exams will only include topics that most AP teachers have already covered in class by early March.

For more information on the structure/format of the exams, please visit this link:

Make up exam dates are from June 1-5th.

Cancellations/New Registrations:

If students wish to cancel their exam, they may do so without penalty this year. If you have registered to write an exam at Brookswood Secondary and you wish to cancel it, please email

Unfortunately, if you are now hoping to write the exam and haven’t already registered, you will be unable to do so as the registration dates have passed.

Taking the Exam:

From the College Board site: “In late April, we’ll provide AP students and educators with information on how to access the testing system on test day, and video demonstrations so that students can familiarize themselves with the system.”

If students encounter technical glitches while taking the test, live AP educators will be available to help students work them. If a student encounters a glitch that doesn’t allow them to write the exam during the first test date, then they can take the exam during the make-up exam times.

AP Exam Security:

From the College Board site: “Students may not consult with any other individuals during the testing period… We are confident the vast majority of AP students will follow the rules for taking the exams. For the small number of students who may try to gain an unfair advantage, we have a comprehensive and strict set of protocols in place to prevent and detect cheating. We are keeping some of these protocols confidential to maximize their effectiveness. Others are listed here:

If you have any other questions regarding taking your AP Exam and are registered through Brookswood Secondary, please check the College Board site and/or email

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