Terry Fox Run

We are here to fundraise for the Terry Fox Run/Assembly, which is happening on the 18th (next Wednesday). Terry Fox tried to raise money for Cancer Research, he passed away trying to help fight to find a cure for Cancer. Everyone in here will be affected by cancer, could be someone in your family, it could be one of your friends family members, or even a coach/teacher/mentor. Cancer is responsible for 30% of all deaths in Canada.

You should donate because if we can raise enough money we get to see our teachers do embarrassing team games such as: Ski racing, push up competition, hoola hoop chain…etc

Also for a limited time we are giving away a bag of candy for every dollar that you donate! We have a thermometer in the foyer where you can see the amount of money being raised! If you don’t have money right now you can donate at the office.

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